STILL don't think the media is biased against Bush?

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Re: STILL don't think the media is biased against Bush?

Post by T-rex » Wed Nov 03, 2004 12:33 pm

As far as I am concerned the media is sitting this one out. Have you seen the Journey's with George documentary. Even the left leaning documentarian was taken in by W's charms, but the real focus of that movie was how the press core that travel with these candidates are coddled and controlled. They have their questions approved before they ask. WTF?

Has anyone watched the BBC lately? They tear into Blair, no apologies. If Bush doesn't like a question he just shrugs it off with some blathering idiotic Texas saying. If Cheney's asked a tough question, he simply says, "Fuck You."

If there is liberal bias in the media than it is an ineffective as the Democrats were this year.

To compare one or two partison stories to Sinclair, Clear Channel or Fox News as a whole seems disingenuous at best when discussing bias in the media as a whole.
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Re: STILL don't think the media is biased against Bush?

Post by Vartan K. » Wed Nov 03, 2004 1:11 pm

Was anyone tuned into NBC when Tom Brokaw has a phone conversation with some well known Republican ( so well known i cant remember his name ) and he kept thanking Tom Brokaw. At the end he says your making me look partisan. :?


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