The Worst Music in the world

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Re: The Worst Music in the world

Post by thunderboy » Thu Dec 09, 2004 5:28 pm

hofmann wrote:

I have a bunch of tunes up on Garageband.

Where are yours posted? 'Cause I'm sure they're amazing.

I have six platinum records that I am staring at right now so I think I have earned the right to talk a little shit. I was writing hit songs when these kids were still crawling to the accordian. I am so famous that I need a maid to clean up after my maid. I sometimes get upset while in public, because strange girls keep propositioning me to to sign secret parts of them.
I just got back from a dinner party where Paul McCartney kept bugging me to tell him my "secret recipe" for writing golden glorious melodies. I can write six songs by accident while taking a piss that are better than anything anyone in the world has ever dreamed of.
This one time, while me and John were in Hamburg, he told me he secretly wished he was as good as me at writing songs. I laughed it off and told him to imagine a world where people could get along despite differences. I am still waiting for the check in the mail.
But I really don't need it since I am so buried in money and praise that I could buy most small countries and hire the people there to run my expansive network of expensive audio gear.
I really don't have time to explain why most music nowadays sucks very, VERY bad, I have to get to my mansion in the hills and have hours of guilt free sex with trained asian sex acrobats.
So, that's all the time I have. And as for your "comment" I think you need to come over to my mansion and drink a glass of hundred year old whiskey with me, and we'll talk about your anger problem, and just maybe if you are nice, I can put a word in for you to my friends, thcentB?s no need to be a grumpy gus.
I'm Santa Claus. Nice to meet you!

"most toreadors worth a damn are circumcized."
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Re: The Worst Music in the world

Post by Cappy*tan » Thu Dec 09, 2004 5:35 pm

Can't fool me. My mommy said Santa Claus doesn't exist. heh


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