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Re: "Best Of" the TapeOp Message Board (FAQ)

Post by jzahos » Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:21 pm

Idea for the admins: Offer the "Best Of", "Mic Reviews", maybe archives on CD, maybe for a slight $...


gettin' sounds
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Re: "Best Of" the TapeOp Message Board (FAQ)

Post by SpockPicasso » Fri Jul 09, 2004 11:26 am

Hey Evan,

Great job on the "best of Tape-Op" sticky.

I've been reconsidering my setup, trying to get better sounds than the "plug it in and hit record approach" I've been using. So I've been kind of going back to basics, realizing I didn't have a good understanding of some fundamental concepts. I spent just a few minutes with the info you put together and came away with a lot of good info. Thanks!

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Re: "Best Of" the TapeOp Message Board (FAQ)

Post by Babaluma » Sun Dec 12, 2004 8:29 pm

thanks for this list evan, as a newbie to this board, it's exactly what i need!



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