Jazz, Experimental, anything interesting really. London.

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Jazz, Experimental, anything interesting really. London.

Post by Rigsby » Sun Dec 19, 2004 10:42 am

Always on the look out for new people to play and record with and experiences to be gained, generally i prefer instrumental or non-lyrical music (though i make exceptions) and i play glockenspiel, percussion (mostly small hand percussion - triangle, shakers, guiro, wood/toneblocks etc), guitar and a little bit of clarinet, drums and bass guitar. Not looking for anything specific, short-term live and/or recording projects, collaborations, improvisation, music for film/theatre etc etc etc considered, i'm also working on a record of my own music with a fairly wide range of instrumentation so it may be that you have a style that could work well there, whatever the case, feel free to PM me if any of this sounds interesting to you.
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