Gear tinkerers in Atlanta?

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Gear tinkerers in Atlanta?

Post by kingnimrod » Thu Jan 20, 2005 8:35 pm

I dunno if I'm really looking for anyone to play with - I barely have time these days to practice at home....

but, I seem to have this problem with overbudgeting my time toward picking up/buying/making cheap musical gear. Right now my desk is covered with DIY pedal stuff, and a few guitars in various states of undress sit in the corner, plus a box full of circuit-bending candidates. I'm spending a lot of time searching message boards and calling luthiers and electronics shops, but often coming up empyt-handed and headed.

I am looking for someone with similar interests in modifying / fixing up musical gear and guitars, hopefully someone that can point out the mistakes I'm making or at least share common experiences with. At the very least someone to talk to about this kind of stuff.

PM me if you are interested in sharing.

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Re: Gear tinkerers in Atlanta?

Post by Jeremy Garber » Thu Jan 20, 2005 11:33 pm

I wish I lived closer. I am in the swamp land of Louisiana though. I've had a long time dream of constructing my own FX boxes. I'm actually thinking about diving in this year. I'm a noise toy fan myself.


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