*From Scratch* - quick mastering that gets results

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*From Scratch* - quick mastering that gets results

Post by alexdingley » Mon Jan 24, 2005 9:12 am

I'm calling my new mastering service/eventual studio: From Scratch Mastering...

I've been mastering projects for myself and friends in and around the Philadelphia area. There are a lot of budget studios that can record and mix projects very cheaply, and they do a fine job. The one area that seems to be lacking is the mastering. So many projects that have come my way for duplication, simply sound dull and lifeless. I have been getting so many requests to master other peoples projects that I've started to be able to charge a little.

My starting rates are $20 per SONG, or $200 per ALBUM (upto 80min CD)

I prefer to get full size (uncompressed) audio files; .wav, .aif, .sdII....etc. But I can improve your sound, even if the files are in .mp3 format, so I can work over the web for you.

... So, if you've recently finished mixing something on your studio-in-a-box, or digital audio workstation, and you're looking to take your sound to the next level, please contact me.

my demo reel is available to listen:

http://thedeepcuts.com/Alex-Mix-Demo-02.mp3 (~ 3mb)

I recorded, mixed, and mastered all of the songs in this demo.


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