seeking reggae drums > Chicago

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seeking reggae drums > Chicago

Post by EasyGo » Sun Feb 06, 2005 9:38 am

Hi folks,

I'm putting together a little reggae combo, and we're looking for a drummer. At the moment, we are playing covers to get started, but may expand into original territory. This would be a 'fun' band, practicing once a week and playing occasional club gigs. Previous reggae experience a plus but not necessary.

So far, we have a guitarist/vocalist, a bassist, a keyboardist, and a trombonist who doubles on melodica, and we're having fun! Just need a groovin drummer to complete the picture. We have a small space and a couple of us are Tape Oppers, so we like to record.

PM me or email me at djeasygo AT hotmail if you have any questions



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