General Assistant w/ insane motivation wants work in NJ/NYC

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General Assistant w/ insane motivation wants work in NJ/NYC

Post by audioaudioaudio » Thu Feb 10, 2005 7:13 am

Thinking that it?s never too late to turn your life around, I quit law school to get into recording/music. This stuff was always on the backburner for me. Fortunately, I have plenty of motivation to change that.

I would love to help someone out for lo/no pay.

I've recorded some open mics in the past, and I mix/edit in Pro Tools. Right now, I?ve just embarked upon trying to find local bands to record, tracking through a Motu 828. I?m building a clone of an Altec 1566A preamp (trying to learn more about electronics). I'm also volunteering at a radio station. I suppose I should mention that I attended IAR, for whatever that?s worth.

Other past experiences include retailing recording and PA gear and working as a stagehand one summer.

I have a fundamental understanding of music theory.

Anyone worth working for probably reads Tape Op, so I thought I'd post this.


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