Word clock question...

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Robert D. Simpson
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Word clock question...

Post by Robert D. Simpson » Thu Feb 10, 2005 5:22 pm

I'm trying to use a BRC to master clock all my digital stuff...
How do I hook up more than one unit?
BRC has a BNC out...

Do units get daisy chained, or do I have to split the output of the BRC somehow? Adapters?



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Re: Word clock question...

Post by Phiz » Thu Feb 10, 2005 6:32 pm

If at least all but one of the devices receiving the clock have a clock output, then you can daisy chain them. Otherwise you I think you'll have to buy a clock distributor.

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Re: Word clock question...

Post by Piotr » Thu Feb 10, 2005 6:35 pm

I would much rather have a unit that can distribute clocking messages to all downstream gear from discrete inputs. Then you can also use word clock cables of the same lengths for each connection...daisy chaining is a good short term solution, but ultimately I would want a master clock with multiple outputs, enough for each digital device.



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Re: Word clock question...

Post by @?,*???&? » Thu Feb 10, 2005 9:33 pm

Wordclock gets wacky when you daisy chain. Unreliable. Don't do that. Get a distribution box for it.

joel hamilton
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Re: Word clock question...

Post by joel hamilton » Thu Feb 10, 2005 9:38 pm

The BRC is fun to lock to. You can varispeed anything that way! That is why we still have ours. Masive varispeeding protools via BRC. So awesome. Pull up or down a mile with one. Pretty great clock as well. I always forget to suggest these as a cheap way to clock AND varispeed protools or whatever you use that is digital.

So fun.

Oh, and... What Jeff said. Dont daisy chain in this case. Distro box. Only a loop setup like PTHD works kinda like daisy chain style...

PLL, ya know>?

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Re: Word clock question...

Post by joelpatterson » Fri Feb 11, 2005 2:32 am

You don't say. My faithful BRC back on the shelf... I should get that out?
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