Digi 888 or some other cheap A/D/A ???

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Digi 888 or some other cheap A/D/A ???

Post by Family Hoof » Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:03 pm

So it looks like I may buy a new (to me at least) Pro Tools TDM system soon, d24 or mix core, and I'm trying to decide between a pair of Digidesign 888s (24-bit version) and an ADAT Bridge (also 24-bit) with some third-party converters via optical. I never owned an 888 with my old TDM system, but I remember those boxes sounding like shit whenever I ran into them. Really, I'm only considering that option because they're so cheap on eBay at the moment, and I'm on a tight budget (home studio, personal use only, limited disposable income - you know the drill). Were I to match the total price with option B, I'd end up with something like a pair of Alesis AI-3. Could that really be any better? Can someone convince me to do the right thing and wait?

I don't need the AES/EBU and my patch bay won't care what kind of connectors are carrying the analog i/o, I just need 16 channels in and out, somehow. Mixing out of the box through a gnarley console, mostly rock 'n roll. At least that's the plan...

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. Shold this go in the "Computer World" forum?

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