Triton FEThead v/s Rode D-PowerPlug?

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Triton FEThead v/s Rode D-PowerPlug?

Post by premiumdan » Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:17 am


Anybody have comparisons/experience/opinions on the
Triton FEThead v/s Rode D-PowerPlug?


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Post by kayagum » Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:02 pm

Word is the D-Power plug is noisy. If anyone has had a positive experience, this would be a good time to pipe up.

I'm waiting for my Triton to show up- I will be testing it with my ML52. I'll review when I get it.

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Post by Barry Jive » Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:24 am

The power plug is extremely noisy, unusably so. I tried to use one with a Shure SM7, more or less an ideal candidate for adding gain to a dynamic mic. Horridly noisy, even on relatively loud sources (aka, exactly what you wouldn't need the extra gain for).

So yeah, don't waste your dough. Let us know if you try out a Triton!


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Post by Michael_Joly » Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:35 am

The folks that run TritonAudio are a couple of real guys making nice boutique stuff. And they're dub Reggae heads so I'm happy to be associated with them. I was as sceptical as the next person when I was approached about the Fethead. But I had the Triton guys 1.) send me audio files (they passed) then send me a demo Fethead (it passed). So I decided to take it on and hear what you all think. Reaction has been very positive and I've sold out my initial two shipments. I got permission to quote a Fethead users' email to me. There's a couple more at my site as well. Here you go...

"Best $100 I?ve ever spent.

I wanted to give you some feedback on the FetHead and ask you if you have any left in stock. I need to get another one, and would love to be able to get it within the next week or two.

It?s really going to solve a longstanding problem for me and open up a bunch of new options. I have some pretty cool sounding ribbon mics: M160, M500 (Sank modified), M260 (Sank modified), and American DR332 (Sank modified with the dynamic capsule disabled) that all have interesting and useful characters depending on the source, but I haven?t been able to use for quieter sources because they have too much noise when gained up. Well, so far I?ve used the fathead with all 4, and it completely solves that problem. It also seems to isolate the ribbons from hum much better than before regardless of the source level, even in transformer front end mic pre.

It seems absolutely transparent and has plenty of headroom for the usages that I?m going to want it for. I also tried it with an RE-20 for bridge mic on upright bass, which is something that I?ve tried a lot in the past, but have had some difficulty, and with the fethead it made it sound fantastic (of course this upright bass sounded great, which always helps)."

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