Harrison MR4 Raven Recording Console Serial #026 PRICE DROP!

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Harrison MR4 Raven Recording Console Serial #026 PRICE DROP!

Post by teddyt » Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:06 pm

I am re-listing this post with a price drop. As mentioned in the title I have a COMPLETE Harrison MR4 Raven Music Recording Console for sale. It dates to 1986, (Ravens started production in 1985 I believe). It is a lower serial number at number 26. Included are:
-Harrison Raven 28 Channel Console
-Harrison Raven Power Supply
-2 Copies of the Full Install Manual and Schematics (Harrison charges $450 a piece for these! WOW)
-Box of Useful Parts (faders, buttons, pre amp cards and others, all that is need for hooking up patch bay, a whole strip of those hard to find switches! and more)
-2 Patch Bays
-1 Rack for Power Supply and Patch Bays
-Cable the connect Power Supply to Console
The 24 buss VCA In-Line Console is in working condition but should be gone through by a tech I would think. I have pulled the channels and half of the channels have been recapped with nice high grade caps. The Power Supply works, and the console powers up. I have taken 6 channels to my tech thus far and all pass audio (console/audio sounds nice, pots are scratchy) I only had a small amount of ChemTronics Tuner Renu left, I got one channels knobs cleaned (eq, preamp, and switches). I spent the last month doing minor fixes: knobs, faders, cleaning/dusting, replace power supply cable etc

The dimensions of the console are 38 inches high (legs are removable), 39 inches deep, and 68 inches long (wide).

The console layout is channels 1 - 24, then there is the master module, then the master aux, then a custom tv/video section that can be easily removed, and then the master cue channel, followed by 4 more channels, channels 25 through 28.

The EQ is very flexible. Here are the specifics:
Hi EQ - Frequency Range is .8 to 15 Khz and a Gain control of +/- 15 dB. There is a shelving switch, a monitor switch, and an IN switch to make EQ active or insert Hi EQ into signal.
Mid EQ - controls .4 to 8 Khz with a Gain control of +/-15 dB. There is a narrow bandwidth button, a wide bandwidth, a monitor button, and an IN button.
Low EQ - controls .04 to .8 Khz with a Gain control of +/- 15 dB. There is a Shelving Button, a Monitor Button, and an IN switch.
HP Filter - controls from .026 to 2.2 Khz.

There is a 24 multitrack buss available but there is no master buss. There are many spare parts including the ground lug for the console, spare knobs for preamp and eq section, covers for knobs (1 for preamp, 2 for eq's), switches for solo buttons, an extra pre amp card, a bunch of extra switches for the many push down switches (the busses, the eq in, eq bandwidth, eq shelving, monitor) they all use the same sort of switch. There are 2 patch bays as shown in pictures, with all the patch bay connectors, all that will be needed is cabling. There is a bunch of extra hard ware, screws, nuts, washers, etc...

I have a bunch of pictures available of the console, power supply, channels, patchbays, and parts. I can forward them to whoever is interested.


In closing, PLEASE PM OR CONTACT ME with any other questions. I have lowered the PRICE to $4000.00 or Best Offer. I think this is a more ideal price range for the console, as I started the price to high unknowing. I also am willing to do a partial trade towards the console. I am interested in vintage compressors, a Distressor (EL8x), lots of stuff. If you have anything at all to trade just mention it in your PM. Thanks guy, hope this console can find a nice new home. I am located in Western New York State!


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