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Language discussion in Letters section

Post by lysander » Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:11 pm

Dear Larry and the rest of the editorial staff,

I am grateful for the fellow tape-oppers who chose to write in and express their dismay at the use of the "R" word in a recent issue, which is referred to in the Letters section of the most recent issue (95). Their sense of consideration speaks to everything that is excellent about this community.

Larry, your response in the Letters section was totally unacceptable. Using that word is not simply "swearing." If you can find me an example in a back issue where someone used the "N" word and you thought it was cool to leave it in, I might take your point. That is the appropriate analogy. The word refers to a segment of our society that has a history of forced institutionalization and sterilization.

People need to be educated about this. You need to be educated about this.

Thanks for reading,
Wes Folkerth (Lysander)

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