FS: EV RE15, Peluso CEMC6 set, Rogers drums, outboard, DW pedal, bx plugins

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FS: EV RE15, Peluso CEMC6 set, Rogers drums, outboard, DW pedal, bx plugins

Post by permanent hearing damage » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:59 am

figured I would post here before I put the rest of it on reverb. can send pics to any interested parties.

EV RE15 - great mic, just not using it much these days. it's old and has lost plenty of paint, but still works fine. emphasis switch has basically disintegrated. it is currently on the flat response, which is all i ever used it for anyway. asking $250 shipped. clip and bag are not stock

Peluso CEMC-6 set with case, clips, shockmounts, and 3 pairs of capsules - omni, cardioid, and wide cardioid. great shape and functioning perfectly. asking $525 shipped

Rogers drum kit early 70s era - 22, 16, 13, 12. mufflers have been removed and i believe a tension rod or two on the kick as well as one kick hoop are not stock. tom mount included. black wrap in decent shape. asking $750 and really do not wanna ship, but open to discussing.

yamaha spx900 - served me well a long time, but now working ITB, so no need for it. asking $165 shipped.

dw 5000 single pedal with double chain - accelerator model. believe i bought it new in 2004. no beater included. floor plate has some bent corners, but this works great and feels tight. i think i had broken the hinge off of this one long ago and only got around to making it functional again. $95 shipped.

brainworx saturator - $45 you pay transfer fee

brainworx dynEQ - $55 you pay transfer fee

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