Neumann M14S - Omni Capsule for CMV-563 microphone (like a M55K)

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Neumann M14S - Omni Capsule for CMV-563 microphone (like a M55K)

Post by onerevolution » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:24 pm

Here is a super rare Neumann large diaphragm Omni Capsule (I've only seen one other example). It is hard to find out very much about the M-14S , but it is essentially a M-55K omni capsule. I have asked a few Neumann experts about it, and they have said it may just be the model number for those that used it for radio or TV. It is a pressure transducer with a frequency response around 30 - 20000 Hz. It is bright, but in a pleasing way like some of the other Neumann omni capsules that were designed to capture a detailed full range from a distance as well.

According to Siegfried Thiersch ( the premiere technician for re-skinning vintage Neumann diaphraghms that worked for Neumann and Neumann Gefell from the 50's - 70's): "As fas as we know there aren't differences in sound between these two capsules. Both can have an "old" hole pattern so that the frequency is different to "normal" M55-k or M14-s. But this affects only a few capsules."

This M14s is not one of those with the old hole pattern. I have not sent it to Thiersch to evaluate, but in comparing it to the different M55k capsules that I've had, they all sound more or less the same and this one does not seem to need to be re-skinned. But I haven't compared it to any M55k that was freshly re-skinned, so it is sold "as is" but working fine. It is still sealed with the Neumann mark. It does have some cosmetic scuffs and bumps but it does not affect the sound of the capsule.

This screw-on capsule works with the CMV-563, along with the less common CMV-551, CMV-561 and CMV-562. But I believe there is an adapter that converts it to the bayonet style connection that works with earlier Neumann mics along with the Red and Blue Bottle Rocket Stage 1, Stage 2 and Blue Bottle mic systems.

Here's what Mike Nehra, Owner of Vintage King, has said about the M55K:
"M55k is a very special capsule. It's not round in characteristics. It's like a wide kidney, with a 6db boost around 10K. The M55K was specially designed for overhead recording of classical orchestras.

I have not ever found a better capsule for ambient recording - it sounds as you hear/feel it. The M55k is actually a more interesting capsule than the M7 because it has a diffused field equalized 1 inch membrane which is so unique - you won't find this in any other mic. All other mics that try to simulate this have small membranes to get rounder characteristics, but this is not what you really want for overhead recording.

It's quite hard to find a matching pair of CMV/M55k's, but when you have that and record a stereo's flying away...useful for any acoustic instrument that's recorded in a good sounding room. Also interesting as a close-up on acoustic guitars or in natural reverb rooms. It's the sweetest overhead mic in the world with M55K."

$360 shipped - continental US (contact me for shipping to other locations).


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