Patchbay plans/expansion to digital

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Patchbay plans/expansion to digital

Post by robbi » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:56 am

Hello all,

I'm planning a patchbay (first timer); it's high time as I'm looking to expand the way I work (would like to marry my analog world of the Tascam 388 with digital). Would somebody be as so kind to look over my plans and see if they are sound before I drop big bucks on the necessary bits? ... sp=sharing

Here's a nice spreadsheet of what I'm thinking. I am yet to purchase the Focusrite Claret 8preX and a monitor controller--currently thinking the Mackie Big Knob Studio will suffice.

What I like about the look of this set up is the flexibility of routing; tape to DAW and back, print stuff to wherever I like and necessary. I'd like to make use of some stereo bus compression via the ADR Gemini Over Easy.

Thoughts, opinions and advice all welcome.

Many thanks.
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Re: Patchbay plans/expansion to digital

Post by kslight » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:39 am

I probably wouldn’t trouble with wiring both the tape out and PGM out for the 388, I can’t imagine a lot of scenarios where you’d need both? Or the PGM in? I’ve always just used the line ins, I think...

The insert send and receive have to be wired a certain way, i don’t remember, half normal may be correct, pretty sure it says in the manual. I’m kind of lazy in that I have a few compressors permanently wired to the first 4 channels and then I just leave the last 4 open, so i don’t put it on my patch bays either.

In fact, I think I just have the inputs on the patch bay, and I have a snake permanently plugged into the PGM outs, and i just plug that into my interface via the patch bay when needed.

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Re: Patchbay plans/expansion to digital

Post by Nick Sevilla » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:18 am

You "MIGHT" need to balance all the Tascam ins and outs with xformers. Not hard to do, but needs to be done to interface with all the
balanced equipment. That, or unbalance all the equipment, if it is less work.

Also, the speakers need to be normalled (not half normalled) to the Macke Bigh knob, bottom of patchbay 2, at the right end.

Here is a great article about balanced / unbalanced connections. You must check to see if the Tascam is line level out or -10 (consumer) level out. ... nnections/

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