Mics, and more mics.

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Mics, and more mics.

Post by winky dinglehoffer » Wed May 27, 2020 10:58 pm

Per a recent thread on the board, I'm beginning to "un-acquire some excess microphones. I thought I'd list them here before putting them out to the big wide world. Pics on request--just send me a PM with your email address & what you want pics of.

Electro-Voice N/D 357. Looks kind of crap, but no windscreen dents or anything. Works just fine. $20
ADK SC-1 Small Diaphragm Condenser. Standard Chinese SDC. $SOLD
Chinese Oktava MC-012 knockoff. This one isn't even marked Oktava, but it has the hallmarks of the Chinese knockoffs from a few years back. Cardioid capsule, no clip, no pad. $60
Nady TCM1050 Tube Condenser Multipattern LDC. Works well. Includes power supply but not the 7 pin cable (I only had one & I'm keeping it for another mic.) Comes with an old Sylvania 12AT7 (installed) plus the original tube. $100.
Rode NT1. The original pale grey version. Has a little bit of finish wear but works great. $SOLD
Behringer (or similar) "measurement" microhone. In case, no clip. $30.
Parts for Royer tube mic mod. Fully stuffed power supply board, mic board with everything wired up but the tube, NOS 5840W tube, and power transformer. Does not include the Jensen mic transformer.. $SOLD
That's all for now.

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