Drummer in NYC area

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Drummer in NYC area

Post by LeedyGuy » Wed Jan 19, 2005 6:02 am

Hi all! This is my first post in this are of the board I think.

Anyway, I'm a drummer who's experience of late is mostly rock, but my training is mostly in jazz and latin rhythms. I play all sorts of percussion instruments with proper technique. I have a lot of experience in a lot of different musical situations and studio situations (yes to a click...). I know how to hit the drums for the best tones and I know how to lay it the hell down. I have great sounding gear. I play with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

Why am I posting? I have recently ended a relationship with a band for which I really gave up a lot of side work and in the end it just really didn't pay off.

So, I'm looking for freelance work, studio work, side work, whatever. I'm not necessarily looking to join a band, but I'll do your recording session on drumset or percussion overdub type stuff, I'll sub for your drummer in a pinch, I'll add something to your acoustic gig, whatever. Just looking to get back out there and bring all I've learned to a lot of tables.

Feel free to email me at kenadessa at gmail.com and we can talk further or send you some recordings that I've done.
Current band - www.myspace.com/nickafflittomusic
My music - www.myspace.com/kenadessamusic
Recording space - www.myspace.com/twinreverbsound
HOT soul music - www.enzoandthebakers.com
Freelance drum hookups available constantly


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