Blood Sugar drum tidbit

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Blood Sugar drum tidbit

Post by LeedyGuy » Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:56 pm

I just moved, so I have to touch everything that I own in order to unpack and I came across an old copy of Musician Magazine (January 1996) and realized why I don't throw anything out. There's a short article by a guy who supplied the drums for Blood Sugar named Ross Garfield aka "The Drum Doctor" and he said that for the Blood Sugar, "the kick and snare [were] triggering samples, which were then pumped through a PA system and recorded by room mikes. The mix of natural and sampled sounds" is what is on the record.

AND something I have always wondered about with that record is that cool drum sound on the opening track, Power of Equality. As it turns out, there were 2 drumkits set up in the house they were recording in and one was a regular rock kit (with the samples being triggered) and another was close-miked but tuned to be very "Bonham-esque." They did a take of Power of Equality one day before Rubin got there and they used the "Bonham" kit. Rubin showed up and wanted to use the other kit, even though the Peppers like the sound of what they already tracked, Chad Smith re-recorded his part on the rock kit with the samples. On the record, we are hearing BOTH takes. 10 years of wondering demystified in a magazine I should have thrown out almost 10 years ago!

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Post by RefD » Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:29 pm

actually, i think i still have that issue somewhere!

Musician (and also the late Music+Sound Output) was a great read sometimes.

and toward the end, when the articles weren't always up to it, i loved the monthly home studio photo spreads.

naturally, that publication took the dirt nap while i was off living in NZ in the late 90s. :(
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