DIY Ribbon Mic Recordings

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DIY Ribbon Mic Recordings

Post by rickshawrecords » Thu May 22, 2008 10:14 am

Technically the recordings below were not all made by me, and only a couple are actually of me... But I wrote the tutorial that these people used to build the mics that these samples were made with, and I'm a bit humbled by the sounds people have sent back to me.

I am quite proud of the recordings these folks have made with my mic design - like a Dad who is proud of his son - so this is why I'm posting in the "Listen to My Stuff" forum.
Several people have made my DIY Ribbon Microphone, and for the most part, they're making great recordings.
There are samples of:
  • A Cathedral Pipe Organ and Choir from France
    A Piano from a Community College in Oregon
    An acoustic guitar in a living room
    Isolated Electric Guitar
    Live Bands
    ...and more!
The Samples are at:
and (at the bottom of the page)
CHUM is the band I'm playing with, so this one actually is of me, made with a mic that I built.

Yes, the plans to build these mics are for sale, but this is ABSOLUTELY NOT meant as spam to promote my website - I just wanted to share my excitement outside of the DIY community. I'm not paying the rent by selling a few sets of $10 DIY plans. Hopefully you'll understand. If not, please PM me or write back.

- Rick
Complete DIY Ribbon Mic Plans & Kits available from:

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