Made on a 488MKii and pressed to vinyl

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Re: Made on a 488MKii and pressed to vinyl

Post by mikey_grapes » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:33 am

Hi TOMB friends!

I made another LP and thought I'd let you know. This one I did at my friend's cool studio, instead of on the Tascan 488 (which died a few years ago).

You can pre-order vinyl at

Here is the video for the first single, "Waco":

. . . and here's another promo vid for the LP:

Thanks for checking it out! I think it's pretty cool haha!

Mike Uva


Digital release: April 13, 2018
Physical release (Limited Edition 12” vinyl): June 1, 2018

• Cleveland songwriter MIKE UVA’s first full-length album since 2012’s LADY, TELL ME STRAIGHT.

• Recorded at Dan Price’s PRIMITIVE EARTH RECORDING STUDIO in Midtown Cleveland in Fall/Winter 2017.

• With guests MIKE ALLAN (bass), NICK and TONY CROSS (elec. guitars, percussion), STELIANOS SIMANTIRIS (telecaster), MIKE LYFORD (piano, elec. organ), and DAN PRICE (drums, noises).

• Songs exploring solitude, panhandling, automotive failures, crime & punishment, light & darkness, recurring dreams, ennui, poor choices, thrift stores, family trips, TV, love, and the 1993 Branch Davidian standoff.

• Limited Edition 12" vinyl by Cleveland’s own GOTTA GROOVE RECORDS available from

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