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mixes from purgatory
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Post by kslight » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:00 pm

The most appropriate analogy IMHO is that I say that listening to a high bitrate MP3 or CD of the average modern commercial recording (I dunno, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, RHCP?) through an average playback system (stock car stereo or earbuds) is like eating a well done steak (your overcooked mix/master) on a paper plate (your cd/MP3 player) in your noisy backyard with kids running around (your speakers in their environment).

Nothing sexy about it, kinda chewy and hockey puck-like but you don't want to throw it away or admit you failed.

Now a high res version of the same mix on a Pono, is like the same mediocre meal but with ketchup and on your nice China. Still tastes...overdone...experience not significantly improved.

Unless you really like ketchup, well done steaks, or are vegan/etc...but either way let's fix the meal not the plate it's served on. We will never have great control over the audience's listening environment, but I feel we can improve the other variables.

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