Vintage Racked Calrec PQ 1161 preamp/EQs

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Vintage Racked Calrec PQ 1161 preamp/EQs

Post by Russian Recording » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:27 am

Selling my racked pair of Calrec PQ 1161 preamp/EQs, racked by Vintage King. If you're looking at them, you know about them. Amazing sounding vintage preamp and inductor-based EQ from the 70's, originally designed for the BBC, and direct competitors to the most coveted Neve preamps/EQs. Beautiful sounding preamp with an amazing*3 band inductor EQ plus a selectable high bass and low pass filter (probably my favorite feature). See full specs below.

The rack job is very nice, by Vintage King. Output attenuator so you can crank the input, adjust level to tape. Super fancy phantom power buttons, and line inputs on the front (not DI!). Solid work in side and out.

The preamps have been used in my smoke-free studio and are in perfect working condition. Close serial numbers: 511 and 529. There are a couple blemishes on the rack enclosure, which you can see in the detailed photos. Pretty sure I got em that way.

These rarely come up for sale. VK has some now and they're selling them for over 4K plus shipping, plus a 5 week wait to get them racked up.

Price dropped to $2980. PayPal fees and shipping to USA included. This is my final offer, otherwise I'd rather just keep it. Really amazing deal on some REALLY amazing EQs and pres.
  • Sowter transformer balanced mic & line level preamplifiers*
  • 3-Band inductor based EQ (switchable in or out of circuit) with +/- 15dB gain per band
  • High Frequency band selectable at 3.3k, 4.7k, 6.8k, 10k, & 15kHz; switchable out of circuit
  • Mid Frequency band selectable at 270Hz, 390Hz, 560Hz, 820Hz, 1.2k, 1.8k, 2.7k, 3.9k, 5.6k, & 8.2kHz; switchable out of circuit
  • Low Frequency band selectable at 33Hz, 56Hz, 100Hz, 180Hz, & 330Hz; switchable out of circuit
  • Low Pass Filter selectable at 18k, 12k, 8.2k, 5.6k, & 3.9kHz; switchable out of circuit
  • High pass filter selectable at 27Hz, 47Hz, 82Hz, 150Hz, & 270Hz; switchable out of circuit.

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