Issue 114 - Interview with James Farber

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Issue 114 - Interview with James Farber

Post by markjazzbassist » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:59 pm

wow thank you immensely for this! it was really nice to read a jazz engineer interview (really well written too). i have a bunch of records this guy has worked on but never knew "of him" so to speak.

i really enjoyed his perspective on recording and preamps saying essentially "i record everything through the same mic preamp aka the console preamps, it is the instruments and performer are what makes it stand out". in this day and age of "what preamp for this" and "does this preamp make me sound like this" it was so refreshing to hear that he approaches the job from a standpoint of just recording the artist well and not trying to make them sound like something or someone else. the artist themselves has a sound and the engineer's job is to capture that via their tools. not to impart some sort of tonality or "sound" onto them with the gear. the gear is just a way to record them.

had a great epiphany reading this.

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