C/L store-spammers and another *Gran Torino* moment

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C/L store-spammers and another *Gran Torino* moment

Post by vvv » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:06 pm

OK, they actually apparently stepped on the spammers in the muso community.

Now, whenever I search for anything in the for sale, the same store (Perry?s) comes up with 20 items, entirely unrelated to what I?m searching for, and geographically undesirable.
I believe they are abusing tags ?

So here is my message to them:
Your abuse of tags is so annoying in that whenever I search for anything your store comes up with unrelated items.
As a semi-pro who spends north of $7,500/year on music equipment, be advised I will NEVER buy from you when you waste so much of my time.
Vendors like you have found a new way to SPAM ? congrats and go BK, soon.

Hi-Please do not buy from us-
Not only will I not buy from you annoying spammers, I will tell all of my friends not to, also.
Have a crappy day, now, y?hear?
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