API 5502 Stereo EQ Rare!

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API 5502 Stereo EQ Rare!

Post by fnps90 » Sat May 12, 2018 1:03 pm

My API 5502 Stereo EQ for your consideration.

1 of 82 units that Paul Wolff (Owner and Designer) at API made in the 1980's. Several engineer friends of Paul's requested that he make a 4-Band Stereo version of the API 550A EQ's. He ended up making 82 of these. RARE!

EARLY WHITE API 2520 OPAMPS = The real deal. Vintage Punchy Awesome API Sound

ORIGINAL VINTAGE API INPUT and OUTPUT Transformers = Same thing, Delivers the Real Analog API Sound

All Switches and Everything works perfect, like it should.
The Dual API Switches are all tight with no play.
This EQ has not been used that much. You can tell just by switching the switches around. No play.

Blemishes on the unit: On the top case cover there are several scratches as you can see in the pix.
There are a few wear/scratch marks on the faceplate. Other than that, it is perfect in function and looks great too.
For 30 Plus years in a Pro Studio environment, this piece is exemplary.

The reason why these things are so expensive compared to the newer 5500, is because the 5500's input and output amps and circuit is the 550B 4-Band EQ. My Unit and all 5502 Vintage units are made of the 550A 3-Band Circuit with the additional 4th band.

It's like owning a Neve 1073 with 4-Bands, instead of 3. Having the Additional frequency points that overlap is great.

These never come up for sale. When you search this on Google, the 1st listing, is the old Reverb listing of this very unit that I bought, from that seller. My son, needs a new car, or else this would never, ever be leaving my side. It has been on Mix Buss since I bought it. But, my son means more to me than gear, so here we are.

This unit is Sold As Is due to age and having to ship it. Shipping must be covered with full insurance. If you have any questions at all, please just ask. If by off chance you are in the area, you are welcome to come by to demo it. Thanks!

$2800 Plus Shipping and PayPal


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