multiple monitor placement?

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multiple monitor placement?

Post by groover » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:39 pm

I currently have 2 sets of mid-size monitors set up in my studio: Mackie HR824mk2 and NS10s.

problem 1) I think the Mackies sound best 1.5 ~ 2 ft further away than do the NS10s. If I put them in the ideal equilateral triangle they will be directly behind the NS10s. If I place them further away but to the outside the NS10s I will get reflections off the back of the NS10s.

problem 2) In addition I have an idle pair of KRK V8s which I would like to incorporate also (especially after reading the F Reid Shippen interview!), I used them exclusively for a long time so I'm used to them. (I added the Mackies for the low end extension)
Setting up the V8s just to the outsides of the NS10s would work, but in that case I am at even more at a loss as to where to place the Mackies.
I could place them higher than the others and angle them down, but I still would be getting reflections off the tops of the others.

Any suggestions, experiences, or brainstorming ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: multiple monitor placement?

Post by losthighway » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:54 pm

This might be weird, but what if you get the better distance by putting the Mackies further to the outside. I'd have to draw but if you put up the NS10s pretty tight (like 3.5' apart) couldn't you widen the Mackies and have them only slightly behind the NS10s (like a few inches) without the NS10 cabinets effectively coming into the direct path of their sound?

It seems like all the studios I see with multiple near fields have them lined up on the meter bridge (or similar space). Maybe further outside is where your distance is at.

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Re: multiple monitor placement?

Post by vvv » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:43 pm

How I use mine:

Tannoy 6.5PBMII's with the tweeter at ear level, equilateral and toed in to my ears at 3'.

Auratones on top, 5" Rat Shacks on top of those.

Inna CD crate, much lower and I move it around, some Polk computer speakers right against each other.

Oh, and a Tivoli in the middle of the desk on the shelf below the Tannoys.


I'm not comparing monitors, I'm using them to adjust mixes. I am familiar with them in those positions, and use them accordingly.

Q.E.D., it's not where they sound "best", it's where and how you make them useful.
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