Neotek Elite 32 Channel Console

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Neotek Elite 32 Channel Console

Post by fnps90 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:03 pm

Neotek Elite 32 Channel Console

My Neotek Elite is in excellent working condition. It's been cared for dearly, here in my private studio in Downeast Maine. If you are looking for a Super Nice Neotek Elite that's not been in storage etc. This is the one. I love the way it sounds. Big, Wide, and Warm, Yet Clear as a Bell. It interfaces nicely with my Antelope Orion handling the multi-track in's and outs, and Burl B2 A/D being fed the stereo buss mix. This combination with the Neotek makes for a really warm natural sound. The Console comes with it's Patchbays, Pre-wired with multiple snakes for all of your outboard gear. I have loads of spare parts, owner's manual, back up power supply that come with it. If you are serious and want to know more, send a message and we can discuss the console in detail.

-32 CLASS A Mic Preamps
-2 Stereo channels
-6 Aux Sends
-26 bus
-Fully Inline
-4 band parametric EQ
-Hi Pass Filters Every Channel
-4 Effects returns
-Comprehensive Master and Cue/ Talkback Section
-Full Patch Bay
-Comes with all cabling associated with the console
-It's 6'8 x 3'8 x 1'8 in size (Small Footprit for Big Console)
-Alps Short Faders
-P&G Long Faders (Expensive Upgrade)
-All Channels have the Factory Automation Cards (Expensive)
-Loads of XLR and 1/4"TRS already wired to interface with any Outboard Gear
You can install console and plug in all outboard gear with the snakes already wired
-Master and Center Sections Serviced 2015
-Well maintained on a regular basis (Cleaned/lubricated)
-Is in a private non-smoking home studio
-Owned by 51 Year Old Engineer with 26 Years of Record Making Experience

This is about as turnkey as any Class A console can get. This console with all of it's upgrades and feature was 100k when new. Located in Downeast, Maine.


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