Beyer M380 spare capsule

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Beyer M380 spare capsule

Post by frans_13 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:49 am

Hi, i got a spare capsule around that would be good as a replacement part for a dead M380. Beyer made these capsules until the late 80s, they were used in certain headphones as drivers and (with a humbucking coil added) as mic capsule in the M380. A few years ago i went down the rabbit hole and checked out various headphones from that era, to see which capsules were identical. Most of these old headphone capsules had dirt/hair on the slightly sticky membrane and were buzzing, another percentage died the well known sudden death of M380s. I get old and clear my workshop, digging up parts i had forgotten about. Greg from Electrical audio got two, another two went elsewhere and now i think there's just one left - so if somebody needs a spare part, let me know. The next few days i'll take it to test it with loud and low sinewaves to check for buzz. (dirt in the magnet gap)
Frans from Bavaria

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