UAD Apollo 8 - the other 4 inputs, and other stories.

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UAD Apollo 8 - the other 4 inputs, and other stories.

Post by bealesh » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:22 pm

Hi all! So after about 8 years of not thinking as much about recording, and just being a drummer (mainly because I was living in Brooklyn and space was impossible to find) I've found myself with a very usable space in Durham NC and bought a UAD Apollo Quad 8 for a VERY good deal. I recorded a decent bit years ago, but it was always on the cheap and my best preamps were a modded Nady 8 channel preamp and a peavey mark 4 mixer (they actually sounded great on drums and bass). I have a nice collection of drums / cymbals / and have been building a decent mic collection as well, so I'd really like to try my hand at the remote drummer game as well as possibly recording others. So, I'm looking for a temporary solution for 4 more channels while I build up better preamps - the plan is to go 500 series eventually, but I'm looking for something to bridge the gap. I've been considering a Sytek or a Presonus M80 - both seem totally usable, so I'm a bit concerned about the lack of pads on the Sytek. I'm hoping to stay in the ~$500 range. I've considered going the Focusrite Octapre / Presonus Digimax route but I'd love to not deal with additional clocking / ADC since the Apollo is so far ahead in that world. Thoughts? Links to previous posts asking the same questions? I'm wide open!

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Re: UAD Apollo 8 - the other 4 inputs, and other stories.

Post by Calaverasgrande » Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:55 am

I agonized over the same question and just ended up getting a second Apollo 8 on Ebay.
Every other thing out there seems like a step down in quality, or a step up in price. Though the Apollo 8, even the older ones, are not cheap!
There are also a lot of affordable options out there that do a decent job. Golden Age project, Warm audio etc. Seems a lot of companies are making Neve, UA and API clones. Sure they won't sound 100% like the originals. But even if only 90% there, I'd rather a 90% Neve than 100% Presonus.

I'm currently sweating the idea of additional converters. Because even with 16 inputs and outputs I still need more. The Apollo Unison preamps beg to be left open, so I can use them to model various things. Right now I have just enough inputs to plug all my gear in. Which means the Unison inputs end up modeling a V72 or 1073 line amp for a synth or drum machine!

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